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June 04, 2008



You need an assistant!! I don't know much about photography (or you, personally, for that matter), but if you ever need a hand just shout!!


I loved your Blurb book. I would like to know if you designed the text pages in Photoshop first and then uploaded them to the book. Any other details in creating such a beautiful book would be appreciated.


me again. i would like to know your typical workflow - do you use a program like lightroom (what i use)? you seem to be very good at getting pictures uploaded and edited in a timely manner! I read one time on a few actions/presets that you used, anything else that's a must in getting that crisp, light and clean picture?


I LOVE your work!!! It so inspires me! I see on the side that you went from the Nikon D50 to the Canon 5D... can you explain what made you switch to Canon? I have the D40 and am ready to upgrade, I'm thinking of going to the D200 or D300, but I know Canons are awesome too and have seen so much wonderful work with Canon. Just curious if there was a specific reason.
Also, how did you start photographing others besides your own?? Do you just ask around to build portfolio and then a reputation builds?
Can't wait to read your Q&As!!! =)


I'd love to hear the response to joy's question above, and in addition to photography questions (which I'm sure you'll get a ton of), I'd love to hear a little bit about you. :)

How long were you a single mom with Ty? When did you meet your husband? You seem like such an amazing mom, and I'm just in awe. Congrats on your beautiful family!


Okay I've been wanting to ask you a question! You take sooo many pictures of you're family what do you do with all of them? I'm struggling with what to do to preserve my family memories. Photo books, albums, scrapbooking, etc.?
Also I LOVE when you say print it BIG, I want to know how BIG? and where you hang these said BIG prints? LOL! I would love to see your photo layouts throughout the house!
OH Also...you promised us pictures/instructions on Teagan's photo cube/blocks! Did you forget???? (I know you're busy...but thanks for taking the time out to do this and for giving us a glimpse into your life, and so much family inspiration!)


Oh man, I could go on and on........
I love your site, I love your work, I love your words (as I am a mom too and love to hear someone else feeling the way I do) By the way the cookie dough conversations is priceless!
When you first started out what did you charge?
What were some mistakes you made that you have fixed?
Best advice to an aspiring photographer?
I too would like to know what processing you do?
Your photographs are SO CRISP and CLEAN and CLEAR! What is the secret!?
you are awesome for doing this!
thanks!!! I know you are super busy so this means a lot to all of us blog stalkers!


Hi! Can I ask what camera you started with? I'm ready to buy my first DSLR and I am really thinking of going with the Canon XTi. I'm also thinking of buying from a camera group/forum where they resell their equipment when they upgrade. Any forums or groups you'd recommend buying from? Thanks!!


I'm loving all these - keep em coming!!!!


Hi, Lyndsay! Long time lurker, first time poster, here. Fellow Louisianian, too! :)

Just two questions . . . I have three kids, too, so I know how limited your computer time is! LOL!

I'd love to hear how you did the blurb book. It's beautiful and making one like that for my children would be a wonderful project.

And how do you get the great shots like in the bluebonnet fields and in the recent "Quote of the Day" post??? I LOVE the lighting in those but need some pointers on just how to work that.


Wow Lyndsay, you have an amazing talent. I love everything about you. When I first came across everything you have went through with Hurrican Katrina on the nest, your story stuck with me. Now that I have a very high interest in photography, I stalk your blog and read it everyday. You're a great mom and Taryn must just have one heck of a personality, I love hearing everything about her. As I am pregnant with our first, I love seeing your family grow and get lots of ideas from you. Everything from your BEAUTIFUL house to creative ideas, I'm in awe. Please just keep everything going and aspiring all of us.

I had some questions, but I think most people hit them already. I want to know, how did you learn? I know you first started right before hurrican katrina with Taryn?!? Right? Did you take classes, or was it just read online and learn as you go? Also, do you use cs3 or lightroom more? And why? Oh, I too, am DYING to know about the cubicle things in Teagan's room....

Thanks, and blessings!

Amanda D

What did you do before kids?

You are one of the few women that I know that is a mom and has it all together. Most moms scare me, but you give me hope that mommy-world isn't totally overwhelming and like a black hole that some women disappear into. I'm totally impressed by your wonderful mom-skills, but also your ability to peruse you career and keep on top of life outside of your kids. How do you do it? Why are you different than other mommies?

PS- Love the work, you do some great stuff!


What did you do pre-photography? When you were first starting your business, did you keep a second job?


In a couple of your recent posts you have talking about working on backlighting in your images and I think they are turning out amazing! Any tips that you learned or exercises that you did that you learned a lot from?


Do you only use natural light?

I love the style of your website and was curious if it's through a template (and if you had to build it with HTML). Our current website is from a template through winklet and it's so time consuming... looking for other alternatives. (My husband and I have a wedding photography business).

Keep up the awesome work and good luck with the grand opening of your business in Austin!


Hi, Lyndsay. Thank you so much for doing this. Despite that fact that you don't think you offer much in the form of mentorship, I think that by maintaining this blog you're not only speaking to potential and current clients, but you're also opening yourself up to us fellow photographers who would offer up their right knee cap to have the skill you have. (I offer my knee cap because without my right arm I wouldn't be able to hold my camera... haha!)
I struggle with coloring. Images in both color and black & white, I'm stuck. I don't want to rely on actions to get the job done... I want to do it my way (and correct). Your b&w images are amazing, and I'd love to know how you get them so dreamy and delicious! :)


How do you keep your house so clean and uncluttered. I love some of the moments that you catch around your house - especially those of taryn...if I caught hannah reading a book, playing with her babies or playing in her kitchen, she might look cute but the background would be a disaster! You inspire me!

Mary Carstens

Hey Lyndsay. I don't have any big questions. Just wanted to see how YOU are doing. :)


My questions revolve around how you do everything you do with a young nursing baby (I have a 2 1/2 month old son that I'm nursing and a two year old daughter, and I feel like I have very little free time to devote to learning more about photography).
Is Teagan a good sleeper? Is he sleeping through the night yet? Do you take him with you on photo shoots or do you have sitters or a nanny?
How do you have the energy with a two year old and a young baby plus a ten year old to do all that you do?
Just wondering because I too am impressed at all you've accomplished and your energy level with keeping up with your kids, house and photography business (and documenting it with your camera every step of the way). With my kids, most days I can't even make it through the day without taking a nap. I love photography (I have a Canon Rebel XT and Speedlite) and am inspired by your work but my kids keep me so busy it seems like it will be a long time before I can get back into it. Any words of advice to keep me going?
Also, do you use Flickr?


Will you be my friend? ;-)


Ok...so my question is: When are you going to fly me out to Austin to play? I could only imagine all the FUN we would have!!!

Mary Carstens

I lied. I just thought of a question. I also have a Typepad blog. What setting do you have your blog on...what I am getting at...my columns are so much smaller than yours. I have it set to 2 columns, right. Or something like that. You? I love how wide yours is. Is it my banner? Is it too small?


I have a few!
#1 What did you get your mom and Jason's mom for mother's day?I remember one of your tweeter updates saying that you had "ordered something cool" so i'm dying to know!

#2 So you guys just "up and moved to Austin!" We would love to be brave like you guys and plant new roots somewhere but we are big chickens. How is it being away from your mom (I'm ubber close to mine too)? And starting all over in a brand new place?

#3 Kind of relating to #2, what does Jason do in Austin?


You are such an inspiration! :) I had to get the sucking up out of the way...hehe! My question is regarding the color intensity and clarity in your images...how do you do that?! My color always seems to lack that punch that yours (and others) have! Thanks!!


One more question, what camera bag do you use?

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