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January 08, 2007



Are those from the FP Learning Zoo? That was on Teagun's Christmas list, but he didn't get it...I think he would love it. Does Taryn play with it often?


Yup! She LOVES it. She plays with it at least 10 times a day!! We ended up leaving it out in the den because she loves it so much. I like that it came with a clear tote for the animals so at the end of the day I can pick them all up. She's learned so many animal sounds, letters and the animal names even in the last few weeks. Worth every penny!


Is it here yet? You have us all excited for you!


She's going to be such a good mama one day. Too cute..


Adorable pics & congrats on your new 'TOY' :) Have fun!!!!! ;)


Lynday, I'm dying to know what you think of that 5D. Please update soon!!!!


Hi Lyndsay,
Taryn is so adorable!
Also, in reference to yesterday's post...you and your work are truly inspiring to me and so many others! I read your blog daily:) I finally started my own blog last week, I fear that it will be terribly boring because I'm not very good about putting myself out there. I never kept a diary for fear that someone *aka - my mother* would find it and know my deep thoughts:)
I really want to improve my photography in 2007 and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I'm trying to learn and practice with my DSLR (D50) and learn Photoshop (PSE 5) at the same time.
My D50 is currently getting repaired so I'm practicing with my 2nd camera (Canon Powershot G6, which has most manual and semi-manual settings but a fixed lens) in the meantime.
I'm a 2Ps lurker; I'm not brave enough to post there yet.
I'm frustrated because I feel like I'm not making a lot of progress with my photography. I’ve always loved photography but never really understood how technical it can be until a few months ago when I got serious about improving my photos. I'm currently reading Understanding Exposure and have a general understanding of SS, ISO, and Aperture and how they relate to each other. I've been reading about lighting, white balance, and metering. I'll admit that I'm still confused by metering and haven't had many fruitful practice sessions since it's winter and I've been inside with poor natural light (it's been rainy and overcast where I live lately).
I'm still pretty with clueless with Photoshop. When I read the 2Ps FAQ threads…I get lost in the many topics and go off on tangents instead of finding my answers.
I think that I'm trying to learn everything at one time and I'm getting no where.
Any advice on where I should start? I really need a more defined/prioritized workflow for mastering my skills...
BTW, I'm *julybride04* on thenest, however I rarely get on anymore since I'm a new Mom and spend my limited free time focusing on photography:)
Thanks in advance for any advice. I can’t wait to see what you can do with the 5D!


Thank you so much for your comments!! I am loving the 5D, but it will take some time to get used to the size and canon controls.

Lisa, I am going to email you but please know that I also struggle with having so much to learn. I recently got CS2 and I have really had a hard time with it. I am doing tutorials and trying to be patient learning one thing at a time. It's so hard though, so I do understand and relate :)


Thanks Lynds!
My email address is [email protected]

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