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June 01, 2007


chloebug (Susan)

Hi Lindsay,
I'm one of those hundreds who reads your blog every day. I, for one, am excited to see you post some "oldies but goodies" this summer. You deserve a break! Love the new logo!



Hi Lynsdey! I am another one who reads your blog everyday you are an inspiration to me. I wish I could have a 1/4 of your skills.

I love the new header, it looks great!


Count me in as another who reads your blog daily! Your family dynamics can always bring a smile to my face..if I'm not laughing out loud! And I can only wish to have a tiny bit of your skills (yet I do try) and if we were closer I would have set up a session for our son (born in March)..yet we are in NC...so no such luck! Enjoy the summer and I'm sure I'll continue to check in!!


Lyndsay, I hope it's okay that I voted twice on your poll b/c I'm not only your client, but also your friend :D HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!


Hi Lyndsay! Have to admit to being another one who looks and admires always, but never comments! Sorry about that! I have been a huge admirer of yours for a long time now, LOVE your work! Always look forward to seeing your talent!


I am a daily reader too, turning to your blog for inspiration, so I look forward to the oldies but goodies, and to seeing more of Ty's work. Enjoy the summer with your kids, and we'll send you lots of hurricane-stay-away dust! Thanks for your posts.


I must confess that sometimes I am intimidated to leave a comment! Your work is so good, I always think, why would she want to hear from *me*? I will try to be better at it though- since I love your blog! :)

Amy Drouet

I comment! I comment! Occassionally at least ;) I had that same feeling this morning when I realized it was the start of another hurricane season. Ugh. At least the work on your house is moving along - congrats!


not quite sure where I fit, so I put "fellow photography addict".
I'm very proud of how far you've come with this venture. I remember the days of your bio and everyone being in awe of it. Glad to see your passion take off!


Loooove the new look girl! That font is to *die* for :)


There was no option for manic stalker?!!! so I had to put fellow photog addict too... Like the new look too.


this is just so fun! Lindsey I have posted one of these polls on my blog with a link to your blog as the photographer I found the poll devise from. thanks for sharing this.


Nestie :) But I am in awe of your photography and wish I knew how. I have a point and shoot..... ha!


Hmmm... Lyndsay, I see you have 2 votes in the husband section. Is there something you aren't telling us or is he just forgetful? ;)

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