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July 09, 2007



you poor thing...and you're expecting to boot! Okay, well...I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh...so maybe it'll make you laugh too!! http://gigglesugar.com/327615


P.S. Hang in there!! It'll all be over soon :-)


oops...forgot to mention...it's the first video on the top...about Celeb Babies Grown Up! :-) Enjoy!


I saw this post C&P on the nest tonight. Too funny not to share:

question about using tea bags

From: dina&eric

Date: 8/16/2006 at 5:35 PM

ok, ive never made tea first of all. the instructions say for a glass of tea to pour boiling water over the tea bag and let sit for 4-6 minutes. but that would be flavored water i'd think. shouldn't i let the bag sit in the water 4-6 minutes? the instructions are confusing, sorry.

Heather T.

Oh man Lynds, I wish I had something funny to write. I'll have to think on it. I hope today gets better.



If you are even one iota of the celebrity gossip fan that I am, you will find this very amusing.


Sorry to hear the drama that is going on. I wish i had something funny to give you a little pick up, but i don't. It will get better and hopefully soon. Just try not to stress out too much - stacy s.


Well, I don't have any funny links to anything, but I've got a little story that you can maybe relate to with having a little one;)

Last weekend DH, DS, I went out for my birthday (DD was with her dad). We went to eat at a local restaurant and being a Sunday night and kind of late, it wasn't all that busy (thank goodness). After ordering and eating, we're sitting there finishing up and DS decides to be a PITA. He was standing in the booth and had a french fry in his hand. After gently waving it around (he was already chewing one), he stopped, gave me this sweet, angelic smile, and then *whoosh*! Quicker than DH or I could see (or stop), he flicked his hand and whipped that fry off to his right and it went flying across the aisle out of sight. Thankfully no one was around us, so nobody else saw it. It was one of those situations that we didn't expect and as naughty as DS was, I couldn't stop giggling. I'm hiding behind my napkin, with tears rolling down my face, DH is scolding DS for throwing the fry and me for laughing. Just that sweet little face and the unexpected, naughty thing combined... If I could lose weight from laughing at my kids, I'd never have to diet again!

Hang in there with the house...we've been there with never-ending repairs and it sucks. Nothing like what you've got going on, but the constant people in your house, the noise, a mess everywhere, trying to keep a curious and bored little one out of it...ugh, just all around suck! There is an end though (as far away as it may seem) and hopefully it will be worth it!

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