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July 26, 2007


Heather T.

I am so glad that Ty is doing well and the surgery went as expected. I'm sure he'll be up, chasing Taryn and chatting non stop soon! :)


Glad to hear everything went well!!!


That's wonderful news! And did you get him that bell, i'm sure he could wear that sucker out!


Glad Ty's surgery is over and he is healing. It is hard to watch your children go through surgery.


You are amazing, keep rocking it girl!! Thanks for the update on Ty........

I hope you don't mind that I am about to do this,

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Now get some sleep!!


OMG.. I hope Ty is feeling much better.. I can't imagine how worried you could have been.. regardless of how simple the procedure may have been, a mom seeing her child all drugged up and at a hospital bed, it's too much to bear.
Sending TY "get well soon" vibes.


Brittany Delaune

Hi Mrs. Lynsday,
I tried to write to you through an e-mail but it sent it right back to me!! I hope all is well with Ty. I hope he has a speedy recovery!! I just had my 9th surgery a few days ago on my stomach, it was unexpected. Well tell Ty I love him and I'll call soon. I know I should call more often but I never know what to say.. Give Taryn hugs & kisses!!


OMGosh Lyndsay... My youngest, Pacey, was born with the same thing. It was really severe though, he couldn't poke his tongue out at all so he definitely couldn't breastfeed. We got it snipped while he was still little.

Hope Ty is doing fine now?


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