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November 09, 2007



I can't believe how grown up she looks!


I can't believe how grown up she looks!


EW is right! We used to get cameleons and lizards when we lived in FL and that was gross, but not deadly! Your daughter's hair is adorable! Very similar to my daughter's...only I'm not sure we'll be able to get her to sit still long enough to trim her very long bangs...


BTW, where are those shoes from?? They're adorable!


We had a scorpion in our apartment when we lived in Austin and I have never freaked out so much in my life! It was crawling up the curtains on our window. Dont think my husband has ever heard me scream so loud :) I guess it is your official innaguration to Austin. Hopefully that is the last appearance.

Did you get my email? My family will be in Austin for Thanksgiving and wanted to take some family pictures if you are available. Send me an email when you get a chance ([email protected])


I would have DIED!!!!!!!! I love the new do. And those are some cute shoes!

Emily Weaver Brown

Lyndsay she looks so grown up! I love her out fit but I can’t get over how old she looks


Oh yes, we know scorpions well here in AZ. We get at least one or two a month inside the house during the summer. We hardly get any at all in the winter. And tell Jason that the bottom of a shoe works quite nicely.


Love Taryn's new hair! She is getting so big. I love the one her funny face... lol. EW is right.


Oh my... thank goodness for husbands! Her hair is adorable... She's becoming less the toddler and such grown up little girl =)


Where did your baby go? She looks so grown up!!!


Scorpion! oh my word! we only have sweet little geckos...

Anne-Marie Tucker

Welcome to Texas. I don't know that there's ever any getting used to the critters. We've been lucky enough not to run across the ones that might be lurking in our house, but I still get the heebie-jeebies every time I hear about someone running across one.

I love Taryn's funny face! So stinking cute.


OMG those pictures of Taryn are to die for!! I cannot believe she is just a few weeks older than Nolan :) Does she need a boyfriend???

And a scorpion stung my grandmother when she was 8 mos pregnant with my uncle...scary nasty little things! Glad he was there to get it for you.


OMGosh! I found a scorpion in Tucker's CLOSET about 3 weeks ago & about died... Eric was at the fire department! I wanted to call 911 or something, LOL!!! Then I found out they can't kill you... *sigh* I threw a bin of clothes on top of it & he came home the next morning & it was SQUISHED flatter than a flitter (I know you KNOW this saying, lol!)... I about died! I didn't even know scorpions lived in alabama... uck.

Taryn's hair is cute! I've been thinking about getting Cassidy's bangs trimmed, but haven't done it yet. Ugh. Can't decide, she hates bows tho!!

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