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April 10, 2008



I'd drive to Austin if it wasn't my DH's birthday! And I'd send it along to our friends in Austin if she wasn't due with her first child the day before! Great idea & I *LOVE* the bluebonnets!


Wow I sooo wish I lived in Austin! What a great contest. Can't wait to see what you do!


Come on, you know you just want to photograph my girls and we don't need any contest to make it happen! :)

I am personally going to keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone about this contest to better my chances, but I imagine a lot of people will know. ahh well.

hoping to be Lucky #3 - Nancy A.

Heather T

My cousin lives in Austin with her 5 year old daughter, twin 2 year old daughters and another daughter due in a few weeks (csection scheduled for May 9). She is so giving and sends all of her twin clothing up to my twins here in PA and I would love to win this for her!! What a way to pay it forward for all she does for us and for her girls!! She is truly a super-mom!!! I of course, would still be super jealous that we don't live closer to have you take my girl's photos but would get over it quick!! Hope Taryn picks me!!

MC Urban

I am crossing my fingers from here until Thursday! I'd like to say that I would give it up to someone more deserving if our name gets drawn, but that would be a lie. Oh, and I know you said first name, last initial, but MC U Just lucked weird. Kinda like a University.
Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!

Staci Z

I am DROOLING over the chance to win this!!! I only wish you didn't have such a huge blog following to up my chances =) I have been lurking forever and I love your work! staci z


I stalk your blog and am thrilled that you are offering up a contest. Please drop my name/e-mail in the hat. I love your work and would love to have more pictures of the hubs and me.


I'd feel guilty about winning since we just did a session with you last month, but your photos are too gorgeous to not enter!

McGee C.


I'm totally laughing at McGee's comment! Reading this post, I found myself wondering if we "qualified". Please remove my comment from consideration, but I wanted to say what a neat idea! Can't wait to see the pics.

Jennifer (gofurr25) P

I love all of your pictures and have been lurking for a couple weeks! It would be so much fun to have a photo session :)

Jennifer P (gofurr25 on the nest)


You rock for doing this!! Count me in!!

Tabatha M.

PS. Taryn, you're so beautiful. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! :)


I'm in Round Rock - and I'm wondering where you found these bluebonnets! Lovely pictures. I've been taking photos of my kids in Brenham for the past several years, but don't think we'll make it there this year. I think I would have to transfer my possible win, too - we'll be out of town the 19th.

Judith H

Katy J.

What a fun idea!! I have looked at your pictures several times because they are so gorgeous!

Rebecca W

Oh, I would love this opportunity! We just moved to Cedar Park from Colorado in January - and can't wait to take a picture of our 21 month son in the Texas blue bonnets! I hope we are the winner!!

Lindsey C

What a great idea. I would be honored for you to photograph my sweet little man, if I win of course! :)

Kathy R.

We'd love to take part in a chase of some of your incredible photographer's talent! What a great idea..... crossing my fingers here!

Kelle S

I have been admiring your pics since I found your blog!! Would love to have my name put in the hat! Thanks!!

Jackie L.

What a great idea! This would be a perfect opportunity to get some bluebonnet pictures taken of my daughter.

Libby J

I'd love to do this with my husband! :) Great idea, Lyndsay!

Natalie C.

Love your work...Sounds fun. Natalie C.

Lyndsey R

I would love win!

Amanda S

What a great contest. Crossing my fingers!

Shannon H

Wow, what a great contest. Your work is amazing! I would love to have you shoot my girl. DH's B-day is soon so I might even jump in a few shots, if I win of course. That would be a great gift for him.


Your photos are gorgeous! Hoping to win!

Lisa D.

I love your work - and what a wonderful giveaway!

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