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April 10, 2008


Sarah H

Hi! My husband and I and our 2.5 year old son live in Round Rock! I would be honored to win this contest and have our photos taken by you! I look at your blog pretty frequently, what wonderful photography!


We have a vaca home up there - I'm a half local! :) I can be there though on the 19th in a heart beat!



I have a vaca home up there so I am a half local! I can be up there in a heart beat though! :)


Laura Q

There is not much about springtime that can make me instantly happy like bluebonnets can - what a great contest!!

Heidi. M

I am very interested in getting a chance to have my children photographed by you. I live in Round Rock. I currently have over 45,000 pictures of my 2 kids ( all digital ) just with in the last 4 years!!!! No joke!!! It is a huge hobby of mine. I loved all the pictures I have looked at, that you have taken, of your children. You have a great eye, and super idea's. My sister's friend ( from CT.) has been following your work, and recommended me, to try this out. What a fun contest!! I hope I get to meet you on the 19th! Thanks for the chance to enter.

Dana S

I really wanted you to photograph my newborn after seeing your work months ago but since you just had YOUR OWN baby, I guess I'll have to wait a bit! Sure would be nice to get a session with you in the bluebonnets until then!!


Terrific contest & photo work.

Leah K

My post didn't go through, so I am trying again... not trying to break the rules. Please disregard if this is a duplicate!

Leticia (lrb)

Blah- my amateur photos of my son in the bluebonnets are going to look like poop compared to these! I'll just cross my fingers and hope to possibly win! :) Thanks for offering the chance! You are an inspiration!

Debbie Lee

My fingers are crossed... Debbie L. :)


Great contest!!!

Leah K

I bought a couch from you. It was blue. Does that help at all?
Kidding of course. Hope T picks me!

Rich K

My wife really wants this. Submitting my entry to give to her as a Mom's Day gift if I am chosen.

Olivia W

I love your photos. I want to do this w/ my sister!

candy l

Love you photos

Kimberly P.

You are amazing!!! :) I love looking at your pics!

I would also love to have pics taken of my DH and I since we never did engagement pics and we have been almost 3 years! :)

Gina K.

You work is amazing and what a great idea to have a contest!!! Come on Taryn pick me!!!!

Evelyn M.

Great contest! I especially love the banner. Crossing my fingers!

Cindy H

Your work is awesome and this is a one of a kind opportunity! We would so be there. Crossing my fingers.......

Gina K.

What a great contest. Come on Taryn, pick me!


I would LOVE to win! Your work is great!

Bree L.

What an awesome contest!

Becky S.

I love the idea! There's nothing better than bluebonnet pictures.

Melysa M.

What a great contest idea! Your pictures are beautiful!

Dana T

What a cool contest. The bluebonnets are beautiful. Continued success with your fresh start in Austin. . .

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