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April 10, 2008


Kristin D

How exciting! Your photographs are gorgeous! What an honor and a treat to even sign up for your contest!

Jamie S

My wife really wants us to win!! Beautiful work.

Kat N

Absolutely gorgeous photos, you're very talented and this is a very generous contest you're running! Good luck to all!

Shannon C.

Wow Lyndsay, what a great give-a-way!
Pick me Taryn! :-)
-Shannon C.

Chris P

My wife really wants to win! Love your photos.


What a great giveaway!

Olivia W

Hoping to win for my mother to give to her for a Mother's Day gift.

Tracy L

Oh, I'm prayin' my name gets pulled from the hat. Your work is beautiful! I keep drooling over your fun and sassy pictures of your little loves. My little 7 month old is tired of Mommy taking her pictures, she said, "it's time for a professional".


Please include me in your contest. This would be perfect!

Leah K

Trying again. I will reply to your email tonight. Sorry it has taken me so long, I have been super busy!

Leah K

Trying again. I will reply to your email tonight. I have been super busy. Sorry. :(

Mary U.

This is beautiful! Good luck!!

Joyce V.

What a wonderful contest. *Crossing my fingers, hoping I win*

Jon U

Looking forward to winning - your photos are incredible.

Debora J.

Beautiful pictures . . .I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Elizabeth U

What a great contest! Keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Ruby C.

Awesome contest, would love to win!

Edwin V

Your photos are amazing. This will be a great gift for Mother's Day!

Tom J.

You photographed my grandson - and did a fantastic job (of course you had a fantastic subject with whom to work).


I'm pretty sure you have the whole Austin Nest covered here, I'm just glad this is being done soon, otherwise we'd stand no chance with all of the D&R girls that would most likely fly down for this!

-Teresa D

Lisa W.

Since I'm a photographer I have no one to photograph me and my family. I would love some amazing pictures of us. Thanks for the offer.
Lisa W.

Chris U

The photos are amazing. I took the liberty of exploring the blog, can't say enough good things about it. Entering for a family friend.

Lonnie C.

Wow, the bluebonnets in our area are no where as nice as yours. You are going to have to give the location of your secret bluebonnet area! Wonderful photos, would love to have this opportunity to win.

Ben S

Fantastic pictures and what luck were I to be the winner.....

Amanda B.

Beautiful work! PLEASE pick my name out of the hat! :)

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