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May 27, 2008



congrats Ty!!!!!!!! you are the GRAND PRIZE winner!


Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I can hardly wait to see the pictures of Jason with some fake dreads and a big colourful hat!


Yay! Congrats, Ty! Awesome picture!!! Have fun in Jamaica!!!


Yay! Congrats, Ty! Awesome picture!!! Have fun in Jamaica!!!


Way to go, Ty! Great job! Have a great time in Jamaica, you guys :)


Congrats Ty - so deserved! Have a blast in Jamaica!


Congratulations Ty! You really worked the camera and your work has paid off.


Congrats Ty! You are a natural photographer and YOU inspire me!


We were all rooting for ya, Ty! Have a blast in Jamaica, mon.


Congratulations Ty! I voted everyday! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

Jennifer H

TY, you did it buddy!!!!!! The photo is amazing, and I know your mom must be so proud of you! Hope you have a super time in Jamaica and take lots of pictures! :)



Congrats!!! Ty you should be so proud!


Way to ROCK IT Ty! Have a great time in Jamaica! I had no doubts!! :)


WTG Ty! Congratulations, you guys have a blast in Jamaica!!


Congrats TY, you deserved it!


That is so awesome! Congratulations Ty! (Next time you should act a little more excited though.) :)


PRICELESS! Congrats TY!!!!!!!!!!!! What a huge, amazing deal:) We are so excited for you:) Have a blast in Jamaica Mon:)


Congrats Ty - that is one of my favorite pics! Have fun in Jamaica

christina (starbucksaholic)

congrats ty!!! that's fabulous. you are going to have SO much fun :-)


Yay! How exciting. Congrats TY!! Have an awesome time on your vacation!


Congrats!!! We saw today that you had won and posted about it on the board, I said I bet Ty would be excited, it's good to see the excitement!! Congrats Ty!!


Yeah Ty! Congratulations! I hope someday I can take such a gorgeous picture! You are going to have so much fun!

Rachael (connorsmommy)

Congrats Ty! I voted everyday and not just because your mom is part of the photoboard, but because your picture was truly the best one there!!! I hope you have sooooo much fun on your vacation!!!!


So awesome to see his reaction!! Priceless!! Congrats and we will be waiting for lots of paradise pictures :)

Caitlin Domanico Photography

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa congrats!!!

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