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June 17, 2008



I wish you were local so we can book up a session(we live in NJ). I love the "10 on Tuesday." Valeria


I am digging his little mohawk! :) and as always- I'm uber jealous of your creativity and getting such awesome things accomplished! Those cubes are adorable!


Love the photo cubes! I attempted a set a few christmasses ago and well... they didn't look like that - lol


Oh, I just LOVE the mohawk!!!
:) Becky


Love the pic! Love the mohawk... Man, he's SO dang cute!.. Re; the below post about Taryn.. Yikes!! I think something along those lines must need to happen when our kids are 2 to 3, for an official, "you wouldn't believe what he/she did?!" type story.. lol


Can I ask your settings on the pics of your little guy!! They are just beautiful. And I love your conversions as well. Did you use and action??


I *heart* his hair.


I found you through a group on flickr and love the photos! I can't get over how adorable the mohawk is!!! My friends 8 week old had the same thing going on about two weeks ago, and now he's lost it on the top so he's got a SERIOUS mullet happening. It's about the most adorable thing ever.

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