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June 21, 2008



That action is awesome! I'm doing some Marine homecoming pictures in a few weeks and I'm totally gonna do the rounded edges :) Thanks!

Christie Adams

Thank you for sharing!!!


awww i spent half an hour yesterday trying to do rounded corners in PSE. i finally gave up :-)

keri Schimpf

thanks lyndsay! i love rounded corners and just never had the time to figure it out! this is a life saver :)


Glad to hear Ty's flight went well. We'll always worry, no matter how old they are. Thanks for the great action!




Hi! I've never downloaded an action like this, can you walk me through it?


Thanks so much Lindsay! It works great!

I'm so glad to hear that Ty made it safe and sound! Hugs!


Yikes.. panic attackes = no fun...Glad he made it safely though! Rounded edges have been a royal pain for me lately.. thanks for the share!


VERY FUN! Thanks for sharing =) Do you mind if I pass this along to my readers? I know they would love it!


wait, I should clarify..."mind if I give my readers a heads-up to check out your site?" Didn't want that to sound like I was going to be sharing your action without your permission! Just thought I might pass your blog along...

Hope Ty has a fab trip! =)

tara pollard pakosta

thank you thank you thank YOU!
i can't wait to give this a try!
i have been trying to figure it out FOREVER!


Thanks for sharing Lyndsay! And I hope Ty has a good time on "vacation!" :)


Thanks so much for sharing this action and basically everything else you share here! I LOVE checking in here daily and seeing your beautiful photos. :)


(lurker here) HI! I've been craving round corners but have no idea how to do them....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :)


I'm so jealous of all the Photoshop users out there (I've got PSE) because of the availability of cool actions on the web.
Either way, cute pic & I'm glad the flight went well!
:) Becky


Thank you so much for sharing this action. Makes it so much easier. You are so talented! Love your work!

Keri Doolittle

Love this! thank you for sharing chica!


Thanks so much! I can't wait to try this. I love your work!!!


Thank you so much. I love rounded corners too and can't wait to try this action out.

Jenn McPherson

Thanks so much for this cool action! I love to read about your family and see your great pics!


Thanks so much! This is great!

Jeanelle Caraway

Thanks! Love rounded corners!
(found you through Pigbear & Buddy-Ro's blog)

Sharla Graber

Thanks so much! I followed you over from 2peas! Love your work!!


You are a star! I tried following the instructions on 2Peas but it didn't work for me, and my shots are always 8x12! You're such a brave Mom sending your DS on a trip by himself - well done! Thanks again, Jo

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