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June 01, 2008



Poor Meredith's facial expression in the latter picture is priceless.


Oh my! That is too funny. The look Meredith is shooting Taryn is too much! I can totally imagine them getting into some preteen-girl-drama fight years from now, and Meredith pulling out the line "Yeah, well at least I never blew out the candles on your birthday cake!"


I realize this was so NOT ideal for you, but it is so funny! That picture is PRICELESS!! Seriously, Taryn blowing out the candles and Meredith's face!! Too cute!!


Priceless! My boy was a serial cake candle blower out kid, and we have a classic photo where my older girl has clamped her hand over his mouth as she blows her candles out, his face is so funny...


Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I love it!

Caitlin Domanico Photography

This is hilarious!!!!

Poor thing:)


OMG - that is freaking hysterical! I can't believe you caught that! Luckily Meredith was fine with me relighting the candles and letting her blow them out herself. Mike thinks the whole thing is incredibly funny too. :)


OMG - that is hysterical! I can't believe you caught that! Taryn better guard her cake closely in July because you saw yesterday just how much Meredith LOVES cake!

For those who weren't there, after we'd all had cake and ice cream and Meredith had opened her presents, the birthday girl disappeared for a moment. Jason walked up to me and said, "Um, you better go look in the dining room." We all walked into the dining room, and there was Meredith, laying on the dining room table, digging into the remains of the cake with both hands. With only the slightest encouragement from Lyndsay, she stuck her face directly into the leftover cake. Yeah, good times.

Thank you SO much for photographing Meredith's birthday party! Those two photos are hilarious, and we can't wait to see the rest! :)


Wow, that is classic! And I have one of "those" toddlers too ;)


OMG- that's hysterical! What a great capture... it's so completely something Isabelle would do- we're just lucky she hasn't yet! Love it!


OMG, the moment was funny, but the picture is even hilarious. What a fantastic capture.


This is so funny! Love Meredith's expression in the second one...great timing! We also have one of those toddlers...he has a shirt that says "My parents are exhausted". Soooo true:)

Grandma Janet

My Sweet grandaughter did THAT? Too funny, the picture of Meredith's eye contact is worth a million...


You just thought McGee took it well....please note the placement of her fingers in both photos! She seems to be aiming it at the photographer!


Well....at least you can laugh about her naughtiness! I'm guessing no one laughed at my possessed toddler as she screamed at the top of her lungs in the fitting room with me this weekend. Or when she screamed the entire time in the grocery cart because I wouldn't let her run down the aisles and hide. Mean mommy. Good times.


Sorry, TOTALLY unrelated, but I just noticed you have a Canon 5D AND a Nikon D50. If you have a few extra seconds, can you tell me why you have both brands? Which one do you like better (I'm guessing the Canon since they're not equal cameras--the Canon is the "big gun" in that group). Just curious because I'm taking the plunge this weekend and buying my first DSLR. (I can't afford the 5D, but I'm just still trying to decide between the two brands--probably will be either the Nikon D40 or the Canon XTi or XT). THANKS!


Oh my goodness....Hilarious! Love that picture. That look that Meredith is giving her is priceless.


I am so glad you posted this..I am having one of those weeks..I am not letting Lydia near any children until we get nap time undercontrol.


that made me laugh out loud. Some serious bribery material as Taryn gets older!

Julie C Butler

OMgoodness ... too funny!!
You've been keeping busy .. wow!! and can I say .. you baby is sooooooooo cute!! OMG .. and congrats on the contest win!! Well deserved!!
Take care,


Freakin' hilarious! I think Meredith's expression just makes the whole picture.


I am just happy to hear other people have days like that!!!!
I LOVe your site and your wonderful work!

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