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June 30, 2008



Ok, I can't help but laugh. But really...this is what I have to look forward to?! God help me. I will be coming to you for advice, I am sure!


Awh!! LOL she tried to give herself and Manicure and a pedicure. She is too adorable:) Good luck with getting it to come off:-)


I'm sorry, I had to laugh. It really looks like she's got the Mug Shot thing down.


Oh my goodness. I burst out laughing when I saw this.... I'm sorry, hopefully this is the last of her "experiments".


There is one good thing about all of this...it makes for great blog reading!


Oh Taryn! And Lindsay! These will be memories to laugh over in years to come - but I know right now there is NO laughing.

She looks so adorable though - can you stay mad at that face for too long??


This is to funny, again if your NOT the one that has to clean it up. My cousins little girl got in to nail polish at our grandmothers house and spilled it on her kitchen floor which she walked right through leaving hot pink feet prints through the whole kitchen. My grandma said to clean it all up except one little footprint. She loved the little reminder of her sweet great grand baby! So here we are a year later and there is still a little hot pink footprint in the midddle of my grandmas kitchen floor!!


Oh my word, have you got a little spitfire there! When you're at your wit's end, just think of how you'll look back on these moments and laugh! One day...


She's sure keeping you guys on your toes!


Oh wow! When my sisters were toddlers (aged 1.5 and 2.5) they managed to get through the baby-proof cabinet locks and get out the canister of Crisco... When my mom found them they were covered in the stuff, eating it and getting it in their hair!

They cried when she took it away and it took weeks for the stuff to really get out of their hair. She put them in the tub and they were like greased pigs!
:) Becky


Oh, Lyndsay! I'm sorry she keeps striking, but you have to admit that in the future you're just going to love that shot of her "pedicure"...I wouldn't want your task of cleaning it all up, but Taryn sure is giving you some great stories to tell!


Oh my, Lyndsay! You'll definitely have great stories to tell when she gets older!! (and pictures to prove them when she says "come on, I wasn't thaaaaat bad") :):):)


Oh my! On the days when my 2 1/2 year old son is a pain in my butt, I will repeat to myself, "At least it's not nail polish" over and over. I agree, not funny now, but it will be later and you have got some awesome proof to show her later in life when she insists she was always a good kid;)

Amber H.

Oh my! I fear Emma doing that some day! Have you tried baby oil? I do that when I get excess on my skin when doing a pedicure...lather it on, put on a pair of socks and it peels off in the shower the next day. Might be worth a try!


Oh my!!! Sorry to say but this made me chuckle. How funny... for us blog readers, yes, but for you... poor Lyndsay. You will laugh about this when she gets older! Trust me!


omg. you just cannot make this stuff up. i think my sense of humor would have went down the drain with the dirty water at that point. :)


Oh my. Every time I see something she does, it reminds me of stories my mom has of me!!!

You're the only family that ever makes me think, even in the, um, challanging times, that maybe I should have one some day!

stacy tarlow

didn't something like this happen back in the middle of june?? i think your title was "never trust a quiet toddler" or something like that. i'm sorry i'm laughing. just reminds me of my kids!! been there, done that. ok, maybe not with polish but other things....like desitin!! son ate it. of course the mother that i am, i ran and got my camera before calling poison control. hehe


OHhhhhh my goodness! I can only imagine you wanting to pull your hair out w/ not one, but TWO incidents like this.. My oh my is this little lady going to owe her mother when she grows up.. Big time! Hugs, pal!!

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