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July 29, 2008


Emily Weaver Brown

Wow! I didn't know I was going to get schooled on that one. I guess I have never seen you actually type out "y'all" before.
remember I am from the Pacific NW and we say "you guys" and when someone says "y'all" everyone turns and looks at them funny : )

Really cute photos. Looks like he has taken a liking to solids now. How many foods does he eat? We haven't started Simon on solids yet but he is still under weight for our pediatrician's 17lb rule.

Heather T.

LOL! I remember one of the first times I heard you say "y'all", it was quite shocking! LOL! You turned Southern pretty quick, beautiful accent and all!

Love ya! Heather


Must've been something in the air . . . it was one of those days here, too. Here's to a better day for both of us!


haha emily! I throw out "you guys" too, especially with my kids. I grew up in Oregon until the age of 11 so it's just a big old mix at our house. Throw in Jason's texas "howdy" stuff and our kids will be all over the map when they grow up!

Yes, Heather teased me A LOT when I started saying "y'all"! :P

At least I don't say "Hey y'all, I'm fixin to go make groceries"...if you're from Metairie, you know what that means, otherwise its greek ;)


Sorry emily, I forgot to answer your other question....

Teagan started on cereal and we've added two fruits and two veggies, one at a time every 3-4 days to be sure he's not allergic to anything. He's done really well. The first bit is always a funny face but then he dives in. He was showing all the signs of being ready so we went for it. Messy, but fun :)

Jeanette K

Hi there!
Wow. I love love love your stories and your pictures. You have such amazing talent! Just thought I'd pop by and tell you that. I have you saved in my faves now. You entries crack me up!

Anyway... beautiful work!

Jeanette K

BTW... I would LOVE to know your workflow! Your post processing is gorgeous! I'm SO jealous! ;o)

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