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July 14, 2008



My littlest guy HATED the carseat too. I mean, screaming-top-of-his-lungs, madness. He was in the infant seat carrier so we decided to move him to the bigger car seat a lot earlier. We got one that was from like 5lbs to 40lbs or something and it has made a world of difference. Seriously, he loves the car now. I am not sure if it was that he could see more or wasn't in a laying down position (carsick??) but it has been a miracle cure. Good luck!


Awesome stuff and awesome links. Thanks girl for participating!


Car screaming- both my dds hated the car until I switched them into real carseats (vs. the ones with handles that everyone carries babies around in- that attach into strollers and become infant carseats too. I bought a comfy Britax and car traveling has improved so so much- whew! Crying babies in the car are stressful. :P

BTW, the new Britax has this knob deal that adjusts the straps. You don't have to take out the car seat and fumble around with straps- it is so easy!


That's too bad that Teagan hates the car, that has to be tough:( I hope some of the suggestions above work!

One question, how did Teagan do in that travel bed? Do you think he'll be able to use it much longer? We've looked at them for camping this summer, but I think our little girl would outgrow it before summer is over.


Sorry-total lurker and never comment. You are a friend of a friend of my sister-in-law. Anyway: I vote for carsickness; happened to both of my boys. Sitting up in a bigger carseat works as does that magical time when they get to turnaround. We now use Benydryll (spell check) when we travel very far. FYI. Hope it helps.


Very helpfull. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer A.

Love the potty seat covers! I need to get some of those for me since so many places in the US and overseas don't have seat covers!

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