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August 20, 2008



Where do you order yours from? Email me if you [email protected] They look a bit different then mine....I like how yours are flat in the middle when you open it. Thanks


I too want to know where you get these! Very cute! I've looked at WHCC and blurb and don't know which I like better.


Are you willing to share where you get these done at? If so would you please email me: [email protected] I need to make 5 photo books for xmas this year. ekk!


So cute!! BTW...I just sent you an email :)


Ditto on sharing where you ordered these? I love the hard cover and how the pages lay flat. I was going to make some of these from blurb for my sons first 2 years. Great design job! AND as usual, love the pics.

Michelle Davies

Love the book! Your choice of type is perfect. If you will, you MUST share where it came from!


Beautiful! I wish I lived in Austin and could take advantage of your services.
BTW, I love how you make even the pictures of your pictures look artistic :-)


I would also love to know where you had it printed. I haven't had time to order one yet. Also, I was wondering if you noticed much clipping around the edges. Some of the ones I have ordered have had the edges kind of clipped. I know they bleed the edges, but sometimes it seems more than I expected. Just wondered if you notice the same thing...?


Your work is GREAT!
I am also interested in where you have these printed. I like them much better than the ones I use.


Your work is GREAT!
I am also interested in knowing where you have these printed.
They are much nicer than the ones I am currently using.


Just beautiful! It doesn't hurt that the photos are exceptional :)

Amy Drouet

Looks great Lyndsay!


oooh, I just love these books! this one you did is just too darn cute!


Those books really do look great. I am looking for a new book publisher (like many people on this list). Where do you get yours done at? [email protected]



I , like many people leaving posts, :) am very interested in where you get these printed. They look very different from the books that I have, and this is what I am looking for. Are the pages stock, or photo paper? Your book is beautiful!


The books are great!!! as anyone else, where do you get them printed??????


Love the book...what font did you use? Cute!

Sharna W

Ditto, What lab are you using for these books. You are outstanding! Thanks for sharing. The flat once opened is great. Your pictures are incredibly gorgeous.


Please add me to the list of people wanting to know where you get your albums printed!

Mary Carstens

love this book!


if you decide to give any vendor info:
[email protected]
FABULOUS, just gorgeous.

Kathy Watts

Long time lurker here, coming out of the woodwork to add myself to the list of those wanting to know your book vendor.
Simply beautiful!
If you do decide to give any information: [email protected]

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