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August 23, 2008



I do believe you should keep them together. Jasmine Star wrote once an article about that (http://prophotoresource.com/index.php/Really-personal.html) and I think she is totally right.


You gotta keep em together. It wouldn't be right!


Keep them together.


hmmm... I too am a bit compulsive, so I understand where you're coming from with keeping everything together and being all in one place. The only thing that bothers me a bit about the photogs with 2 blog sites is that the business blogs tend to sound a bit boring and impersonal, although I doubt that yours would be that way. :)

Bottom Line: I love that it's all together now, but I would keep up with both if you split them up. I use Google Reader, and it's easy peasy to add a new blog to my list though.


I voted for 2 separate business and personal blogs, for the simple reason of you pointing out the google ranking. I love coming here reading about your personal life as well as your photography, but I mainly come to read about the personal stuff, however a link to your new business blog, would certainly be a great thing, and I would visit there just as often, I still visit your 3T's & Me site even though you haven't updated in ages! :P
Also I would hate for you to move and lose all the archives because I still visit old post looking for ideas, such as old birthday parties, holidays, house decorating...please stay here at least for the personal stuff!!! Hope that helps!!! :)


Like the previous poster, I come to read the personal stuff, and yes i looooove your business work, i'm the biggest fan of stories of Little T and crew. And i bet alot of people do. Just my opinion but i think that your business blog would have a lot less hits than your personal blog if you separate them. For example I read Erin's personal blog ALL THE TIME, but i rarely click on her business blog. Just my opinion.


I'm not sure how much you pay for typepad right now, but what about continuing to pay for this one just for the memories/archives and then start the new blog w/business and personal from here on out? I figured you could import it over but I just checked and apparently it would take you forever to do. Just my thoughts.


I am struggling with the same question myself. Do I want to keep up with 2 blogs? I had them separate before but then joined them....but now thinking about separating again. Because really do clients want to here about personal life of mine. I dont' know...I keep trying to think what would be easiest for me. Big decision to make. I know I was no help. But I love your blog and I like them both together. Maybe I should take my own advice. lol


I just voted to keep them together...Like another reader said, I check in on Erin's personal blog way more than her photography blog and I am even studying photography!! Not that I wouldn't follow your professional blog, because I would, but my vote is to keep them together. I would guess that your clients would enjoy reading about your personal life so they felt a connection when you met with them (we just had family pics taken and our photographer just has one blog and because I have followed it for months I felt like I "knew" her and her sweet little family). Or they'll just scroll through until they find what they want.

Was I ANY help whatsoever or did I totally add to the confusion!! Good luck and keep us posted!!

Cindy G

I struggle with this as well. I do have two separate ones, but I have a hard time maintaining two blogs. So I sometimes post the personal stuff on the business blog. I do want my clients to know a little bit about me, but at the same time I don't think they really want to know everything that I might post about my family.

As a blog reader, I like that you currently have everything together as I love your photography and writing style. However, if I were a potential client, I would want to see more of your client stuff and maybe not so much of the day to day family stuff. But maybe that's just me.

I'm sure I'm not much help. If you use add another blog, I'll just add it to Google Reader and if you keep them together, I'll still be reading everyday like I am now.


de-lurking for a moment to say:
NOOOO!! I love that you have both together, and I think that's why so many people read your blog, and are interested in your photography! I think that's what makes you unique as a photographer!


it's a huge dilemma. i own a stationery store and only started a blog on it a few months ago. i also keep a website and blog through iweb, so virtually the only ones reading that are my friends and family.

with writing my business blog, it was very hard to keep some of the personal stuff out of it and i really struggled with it. it's a long{ie}, but i wrote about it here http://broadwaypaper.blogspot.com/2008/07/papers-gotta-brand-new-mag.html

bottom line, as you can probably tell from the love you're getting ... people want to hear about the personal too ... that's what blogs are all about, good blogs anyway ... the ones that keep people coming back. we like to see into other people's lives, don't we?

and i've come to realize the blogs that are able to stay strictly business/professional ... are being paid to blog. the rest of us are doing it as a hobby.

my suggestion is to use blurb http://www.blurb.com/ to have a book made of your current blog ... then you have all your sweet photos, words and memories for life. close down this one and start up fresh.

and ... if i could be so bold ... i'd love to see some recipes with your photos! :) i'd love, in particular, to know how you get your photos so beautifully 'bright' and white ... :)

Michelle Davies

I agree with Tracie: your clients like to see that you're a "real" person with a life. The business is great to be able to view but they feel like they "know" you when you blog. Good luck with your decision!


Please, please keep them together! I love being able to read about T's new pink shoes, her body "art", Ty's budding interest in the ladies (tee hee), and watching Teagan grow. It's the added bonus for us to see parts of your most recent sessions.
I also agree that having your personal and business combined gives your clients a feeling for who you are- that you're funny, you love your family and you love your job.


I said Keep em together! I love seeing all the awesome work you do, and seeing about your personal life!


I agree with Sheena. I voted for 2 blogs just to help your business ranking. I would still visit both. Either way you choose you're going to have to give up something/give yourself a lot of extra work. I do love how smoothly you intertwine the business with the personal, and I don't think the type of client you seek would mind that....but you surely don't want to lose all the archives eitehr. Good luck with your decision!


Is their an option for both!! haha I understand your point on clients viewing your pics of Teagan and the family, however it's good to see pictures that you take. Especially if people are on the fence about hiring you. My best friend is a photog also and I understand the whole ranking system for the search engines. What if you did a site like this: http://emilyjacksonphotography.com/site/
where the home page can link you to both your blog and/or blogs and your actual photog website. You can have a fam blog and/or business blog. Either way you decide I will still blog stalk!


I voted to keep them together, but really, you should do whatever you feel would be easiest for you.


I voted for keeping them together and moving it all over. I think if you separate out the two, you will end up getting more hits on your personal blog than your business blog and it won't build your ranking like you want it to. I am interested in seeing your photographs, but more interested in seeing how you photograph your own kids and hearing your stories. I probably wouldn't click on both links because I have limited time and I live in PA so wouldn't be able to hire you as a photographer. And though it would be initially a lot more work to make the switch, in the long run you would have to keep up two blogs, which seems like more work to me.




Lurker here coming out to stay keep them together.


I voted to keep them both together. I don't read very many blogs (because who really has that kind of time?) but one thing I've always loved about yours is that it's all there in one place, and regardless of whether you are busy doing sessions, there is always something going on here. I agree that your business blog wouldn't be as popular if you separated them. I have two blogs now, and struggle with keeping up with them both since you are so right that our personal lives and business lives are so intertwined! I'm going to be combining mine into one blog and moving from blogger to wordpress very soon, so I totally feel your pain in having to move everything. But in the end having one with big pictures would be so worth it. Good luck Lyndsay!


I would keep them together, I always enjoy photo blogs more when the photog has a personality, and sometimes posts get so dry otherwise...

Just a note, I stopped paying for typepad this year due to a credit card glitch (couldn't get one sent over here from NZ). I didn't lose anything. I just couldn't post anymore. But the blog was still there and viewable. So it may be worth checking, maybe you can have a link to the old blog on the new blog?

I downloaded blurb to slurp my blog earlier this year. But I haven't worked out how to do it yet...


Well, it's tough, but I'd vote to keep them together. The only thing that sends me the other way is the Google ranking issue.

I really like hearing your stories about your kids, and the pictures to go with them are priceless. I like the way you "show" a story:) There is another photographer I follow (we graduated together) and I *rarely* check her blog because... well, it's boring. It's all client work/talk with no "feel" to the pictures because you're not hearing what those pictures are about. And while her site is awesome and I know that's she nice, it's hard to see that when there's no "personality" to it.

If you lived in our area (MN) I'd *love* to have you photograph our kids/family. Like your hairstylist, it's nice to develop a relationship with the one who does your pictures. Through your blog you really get a feel for your passion for photography and for your clients. That's neat:)


I vote keep them together, simply for the reason of the google ranking. I would still follow your personal blog and your business blog, but many wouldn't.

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