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August 12, 2008



Wow, Lyndsay, how scary!! Glad you're OK and the kids weren't involved in any way.


Omg, Lyndsay, that's crazy. I've never heard of that before in your house. I'm so thankful you are okay. Get some rest, maybe you should seek some medical treatment just to be sure. I have no idea what they could/would do, but just to see.


WOW!! Thank god you are ok and the kids are ok too! That sounds horrible, and never known that to happen to anyone!


OMG... I am glad you and the kids are all ok!


Oh my gosh, Lyndsay, I am SO glad to hear that you and the kids are okay. How horribly scary for you!! I hope that you're able to get some r&r tomorrow so you can stay off your feet. :(


THANK GOD YOU ARE OK. Get some rest and I am glad to hear the kids are fine.


Wow! that is so scary! I'm so glad you are OK and that you weren't wearing Teagan.


That is crazy scary. I'm glad you are all okay.

Emily Weaver Brown

Oh my goodness, I am so glad that you are ok. I have never heard of such a thing happening.


yikes! i'm glad that you're okay!!


OMG! Thank goodness you are okay. My husband and I love storms and often watch at the window - perhaps I'll rethink that habit.


OMG, glad to hear you and the kids are ok. See it's just another reason why I'm afraid of thunder storms. I'm not afraid to admit it anymore, I don't like them, they are evil! But cool to watch in the middle of your house away from any electronics and windows, and sinks w/running water!

Michelle Davies

What a scary happening! I am so glad that you are ok. Hope the soreness and pain goes away quickly.


Oh my. Thank god that you are OK. I can't believe that anything like that could really happen. I always hoped that this would never happen to anyone. But thank god you are ok and you kiddies too.

Jennifer Kelley

How scary. I'm glad you and the kids are ok!


OMG I'm so glad you are okay, you must have been terrified. Do you think you should call the doctor and just get checked out, when we took first aid they warned about having hands in water at a sink during a storm and I never listened, I will now.


I'm still thinking about you this morning and SO glad you are ok. I hope you're feeling much better today. :)

Caitlin Domanico

OMG that is so scary. I thought not taking a bath in a storm was a wives tale...

So glad you're ok.


Oh my gosh...I am so glad you are okay. HOW SCARY. I have been paranoid about that forever and my husband thinks I am crazy...I won't let anyone take a bath or anything when it is storming. I am SO sorry you had to learn the hard way...thank goodness you are all okay.


HOW SCARY!!! Glad you're okay!


Oh my goodness - how scary!!! I'm glad you are okay!!!

Heather T

Wow! That is scrary! I am so glad you are okay, and that you weren't wearing Teagan.


OMG, thank God you're ok and that you weren't wearing Teagan! How scary:( I wash bottles during storms and think nothing of it. Not anymore!


So thankful you guys are all okay! Sounds like Divine Intervention with Teagan and Ty. Rest up!


WOW - I am so glad you and everyone else are okay! That is so scary. Hope you are feeling better today. =)

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