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August 14, 2008



oh i'm so glad that you're ok..i never knew that you can get zapped by lightning inside of your house. that's just nuts! i have actually worried about the same thing, being alone with my young daughter and something happening to me..one night i was up at 3:00 am worrying about it and purchased a 911 book for her (i'm a little paranoid) but you never know! obviously! anyway, i'm glad that you were seriously hurt!! take care!


I'm glad you are ok. I think we all moms worry what would it happen if we get hurt at home alone with the little ones.
take care.


So glad you are doing better! When I was about nine years old, lighting struck our house (or a power line, don't really know) anyway, we had a metal pot of homemade popcorn on the floor and electricity shot out of the outlet and zapped the pot! It was the crazies thing I have ever seen, and I had completely forgotten about it until reading your post yesterday.

:) Becky


Once again glad to hear that you are okay! I don't think any of us would now what to do without our dose of Life.In.Motion!

Clary Pfeiffer

Goodness! What a load you've been through and I am so so happy to hear you are in the clear...take care:o)

Sharna W

Long time lurker(although that word seems kind of nasty)! So glad to hear you are ok and recovering. Sounds scary and painful. I am so thrilled that you feel you can't post without a picture as I love to see your work. You have a wonderful gift.Thanks for sharing all you do with us.


Glad to hear you are still doing ok, and that your doc did an EKG. I was going to ask if you called a doc or not to see if you needed to be seen. Thanks for the update.


OMG, what a crazy random thing to happen! I am so glad you are doing OK and nothing happened to the kids, I hope you feel 100% better soon!


L-- I'm just now catching up so I had no idea that happened. So glad you and the kids are ok. I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

Kim F.

I am too a long time lurker...and I am so glad you are okay! How scary!! I say you have some hidden superpower as well...heck, you already are a super mom and super photographer :) What is one more super power! Rest up and take it easy!!!


I'm so glad you went to the doctor! I read your post and had to run, so I didn't get a chance to comment. Wow, what a freaky thing to happen! Like the other posters said, I can't believe that can happen in your house! Now, I know nothing of how this works, but shouldn't your house being grounded prevent this? You might want to check with an electrician to find out...unless Jase knows about these things and already took care of it! I'm so glad you're ok!!!

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