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August 18, 2008



Awww...what a GREAT big brother. Seriously...it doesn't get much better than that!! You are so blessed. I hope you guys find somewhere you are both comfortable with. I sent my little man off to preschool this year and it was NOT easy for me...but seeing that smile on his face each day I drop him off and hearing him talk about his friends makes it worth every moment.

I'll be thinking of you...


I was that way as a child, too. My mom stayed home and we lived on a farm, so I was hardly ever around strangers. But when I was....I would scream and bawl to the point of making myself sick. It doesn't sound like Taryn is QUITE as bad as I used to be (thank goodness for you guys!), but I can really relate to her. The first time I was ever expected to be away from my mom was preschool (I was 4 years old) and it didn't go well at all. My mom either had to stay in the room with me, or I'd go running down the street after her (yes, I actually did that!) I think it definitely needs to be done, though, and the earlier you do it the better. I have always thought that if I'd gone to daycare even just one day a week I probably wouldn't have been so shy and afraid of other people.
So anyway, all of that to say that I think you're doing a great thing for her! Get her out there and expose her to other kids her own age. Encourage her independence (even if it's hard on both of you for a while). The sooner you do it, the easier it will be in the long run.
I hope it all goes well for her (and you!) :)


Aw, best wishes to your sweet girl and good luck to you!

p.s. LOVE the chucks! So cute.

Emily Weaver Brown

that blows my mind that a 3-year-old would even think about something like the potty at Pre-school. I am sure that she is going to blow you all a way and skip on in with out even looking back : )


Good luck! Ty is such a sweet big brother! And pink chucks have been my little one's "signature shoes." We've already gone through 2 pairs of them!


Awww...good luck tomorrow, T! I hope they have awesome potties, great toys and lots of other girls who love pink.


My daughter is also 3 and she is going to pre-k this september also. I had my concerns about school. She is very outgoing (at home) but shy with anybody else (hides behind me when someone says hello).
We had an open-house for all the new kids at her school and she loved it! it was a good idea. They get to see how it would be like and see that it will be fun. She also got to try the little kids' bathroom. Now, she talks about her school every single day!


Good luck tomorrow!! (to little T AND mommy too!) Hugs to you both w/ a new chapter!

Keri Doolittle

Cute little shoes!! She will do GREAT at pre-k!!! She will make lots of new friends!!


Oh Lyndsay I totally love how you tell us stories about your family. And I really love how Ty is such a great boy and telling Taryn that its cool to be at school (I would have never said that to my brother :)


OMG - I LOVE her pink chucks!

Michelle Davies

My youngest guy was a shy little thing also. He had very patient preK teachers and they really brought him out of his shell. Almost too much! :) Good luck with the school visit.

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