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August 20, 2008


Heather T

I remember, I remember! I remember back to the wedding site! I was in such awe of you then, and it just continues!

I really do hope that Teagan's little bum gets better.

Love ya.


So cute of Teagan! Okay, must say that I started reading when you had your blog on .mac It was the first blog I started to follow. So I've been with ya a loooong time (don't comment a whole lot, but I'm branching out and trying to comment on blogs more often now) Thanks for sharing your life with us all! :)

Emily Weaver Brown

I think I might be one of your oldest readers because I definitely remember your .mac days.
sigh, the internet has come a long way...


I've been with you a long stinkin' time! The DW board, the baby board, the parenting board, and yes, your Mac blog!!!


oooh...ME ME ME! I remember your old mac blog. =)


I've been following your story since you were planning your wedding on the knot. So of course I remember your old .mac and blogger days. My daughter was born just a few days after T so I've always loved to read about your family. Hope Teagan is doing better!


I've only been reading your blog for a few months before Teagan was born but I've checked it everyday since. I love all your stories and your great sense of humor!!


I've been following your blog and nest bios a LONG time - since Taryn was a baby. I came across your bio on the nest when I was pregnant in early 2006 and looking for nursery inspiration. The pink and green nursery you had done for Taryn was my favorite, and I had bookmarked your bio. Then you started posting more (from what I recall) and talking about getting into photography (which I was starting to be more interested in too, since we had just bought a Digital Rebel), and I thought the pictures of Taryn in your bio were so cute, so I just kept following your bio updates.
Then I came across your SurvivinKatrina bio and I thought your whole story about surviving and rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina was captivating. I don't remember when I found your blog, but I did read your blog entries on the .mac site.
I have a daughter a few months younger than Taryn and now have a son a month younger than Teagan, plus I'm interested in photography (but nowhere near as advanced or talented as you), I am always interested to see how you are all doing. I love following your blog and reading your stories and seeing your beautiful photos!


I found a post on BOTB, someone wondering if you were okay days after Katrina. From then on, I have followed your (numerous) blogs and your pictures. They move me :)
I love reading about your family and how you picked up the pieces and made the best of everything.

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